Affordable, Versatile, Interlocking Concrete Blocks.

Best Concrete Blocks makes giant, 1-ton (and up) concrete blocks that can be used for countless applications with simple setup, easy installation, and little cost. All our blocks are made from 100% recycled materials and can be picked up or delivered and installed upon request.

  • Block Structures
  • Ballasts
  • Counter Weights
  • Railroads
  • Dairies
  • Farms
  • Security
  • Diversion Barriers
  • Bunker Walls
  • Tactical Training
  • Construction
  • Municipalities

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Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy Concrete Block is a great choice for adding an aesthetically appealing look to your application. Having the same dimensions and specifications of the Standard Concrete Block with a beautiful stonemason’s design, the Pretty Boy is great for walls and barriers that have a lot of public visibility.

Standard Block

The Standard Concrete block is the primary product used for most applications. Standing 2 feet high, 5 feet wide and 18 inches deep, Weighing 1 ton (2,200lbs) the Standard Block is a solid choice for pretty much any application you can think of.

Big Boy

The Big Boy Concrete Block is a monster choice for serious retention and security. Weighing 2.5 tons and standing a foot taller than the Standard Concrete Block (at 3 feet high), the Big Boy is perfect for building higher walls and barriers.

Corner Block

All our Concrete Block Types have corresponding corner pieces for walls that connect or need to end without having a stagger effect.

Parking Blocks

We have Concrete Parking Blocks too! For parking lots, fleet yards or loading docks, we have concrete parking blocks that match the size and look for your specific application.

Cinder Blocks

We don’t only make the big stuff – we have Cinder Blocks too! For walls, residential use, landscaping, industrial, commercial… We have concrete parking blocks that match the size and look for your specific application.

Concrete Block Dimensions